500+ Popular GPTs for SEO in 2024
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November 25, 2023
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500+ Popular GPTs for SEO in 2024

How do I find the best GPTs for my SEO needs? Well, we help you find the best Custom ChatGPTs for your Search Engine Optimization tasks.

Explore the popular world of custom GPTs for SEO, a new type of ChatGPT-powered AI agents that transform how you approach and master Search Engine Optimization.

What are Custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs are new, customizable ChatGPT-powered AI agents that allow anyone to create tailored versions for specific tasks, enhancing daily life and work efficiency

For SEO, Custom GPTs offer tailored solutions for tasks like keyword research, content optimization, and trend analysis, leveraging ChatGPT's capabilities to boost your search engine rankings.

Note: I'd like to extend a special note of thanks to Nina Clapperton for her diligent efforts in identifying many of the Custom SEO GPTs featured in this post.

1. SEO GPT finder

SEO.ai created SEO GPT Finder to help you acces all public GPTs for SEO, by searching in the ChatGPT database.

  • Get acces 500+ public GPTs
  • Find Custom SEO GPTs for your needs.
  • Creator: SEO.ai

2. SEO Mentor GPT

Created by Natzir, this SEO Mentor is a tool guided by Google's Search Guidelines to enhance your SEO strategies.

  • Based on Google Guidelines
  • Enhances SEO Tactics
  • Creator: Natzir

3. Search Intent Optimization GPT

Natzir's Search Intent Optimization Tool helps you understand blog post intent, aligned with Google's Quality Raters Guidelines.

  • Aligns with Google's Guidelines
  • Understands Blog Post Intent
  • Creator: Natzir

4. GSC Keyword Ranking Changes Scatter Plot GPT

Dr. Marie Haynes introduces a tool for comparing GSC data and visualizing keyword ranking changes pre and post updates, in the form of a scatter plot.

5. SEO Blog Content Outline Creator GPT

Julian Goldie's tool, SEO Blog Content Outline Creator & Generator, is designed for developing SEO-optimized blog outlines.

Pro tip: Explorer the 20.000+ Best Custom GPTs Directory

6. High Quality Review Analyzer GPT

Caitlin Hathaway's High Quality Review Analyzer aids in content analysis based on Google's review guidelines.

  • Analyzes Based on Guidelines
  • Enhances Content Quality
  • Creator: Caitlin Hathaway

7. Quality Raters SEO Guide GPT

The Quality Raters SEO Guide by Laurent Jean provides insights and evaluations of content according to Google's quality rater guidelines.

  • Guides with Google's Standards
  • Evaluates Content Quality
  • Creator: Laurent Jean

8. SEO Article Wizard GPT

Sergil Shvets' SEO Article Wizard offers step-by-step assistance in creating SEO-optimized articles.

  • Step-by-Step Article Creation
  • Focuses on SEO Optimization
  • Creator: Sergil Shvets

9. Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analysis GPT

Aleyda Solis provides a Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analysis tool to evaluate web content's effectiveness.

  • Evaluates Content Relevance
  • Assesses Helpfulness and Quality
  • Creator: Aleyda Solis

10. SEO BlogGPT

SEO BlogGPT, created by S.J., offers specialized assistance in SEO blog writing.

  • Specialized in SEO Blogs
  • Improves Writing Quality
  • Creator: S.J.

11. G4 Implementation Assistant GPT

Ashish Batra's G4 Implementation Assistant provides helpful tips and troubleshooting for Google Analytics 4.

  • Google Analytics 4 Tips
  • Offers Troubleshooting Help
  • Creator: Ashish Batra

12. Post Cheetah SEO GPT

Mark J Gadala Maria's Post Cheetah SEO tool enables instant SEO analysis of any website.

13. She Knows Alt Text GPT

She Knows Alt Text by Nina automates alt text generation for blog posts and social media images.

14. SimpleOnGPT4

Mrs. Nina Payne's SimpleOnGPT4 offers easy, non-technical SEO guidance for Google ranking improvements.

15. Revenue-driven SEO Keyword Research GPT

Julian Canlas' tool, Revenue-driven SEO Keyword Research and Analysis, is designed for creating content calendars based on purchase conversion rates.

  • Focuses on Revenue
  • Analyzes Purchase Data
  • Creator: Julian Canlas

16. Free SEO AI Article Generator GPT

Michael Toney-Hoffman's Free SEO AI Article Generator generates complete SEO articles using specific keywords.

17. Web Performance Engineer GPT

The Web Performance Engineer tool by Darwin Santos provides expert web optimization guidance.

  • Web Optimization Expertise
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Creator: Darwin Santos

18. Schema Advisor GPT

Amanda Jordan's Schema Advisor offers expertise in using schema.org for SEO enhancement.

  • Schema.org Expertise
  • Guides Precise Usage
  • Creator: Amanda Jordan

19. Is It a Ranking Factor GPT

Is It a Ranking Factor GPT by Kristi Hines provides insights into potential Google ranking factors.

  • Explores Ranking Factors
  • Offers Expert Insights
  • Creator: Kristi Hines

20. Free SEO Content Outline Report GPT

The Free SEO Content Outline Report tool, created by AIToolsMarketer, assists in creating SEO content outlines for blogs.

21. Search Quality Evaluator GPT

Caitlin Hathaway's Search Quality Evaluator GPT analyses content through official Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

22. SEO Link Building GPT

SEO Link Building GPT by Julian Goldie is a tool for automating SEO link-building strategies.

  • Automates Link Building
  • AI-Powered SEO Tool
  • Creator: Julian Goldie

23. Web Quality Analyst GPT

Kristi Hines' Web Quality Analyst evaluates posts for EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

  • Evaluates EEAT Factors
  • Quality Content Analysis
  • Creator: Kristi Hines

24. Julian Goldie GPT

The Julian Goldie GPT showcases the favorite prompts and tools of SEO expert Julian Goldie.

  • Expert's Favorite Tools
  • Insightful SEO Prompts
  • Creator: Julian Goldie

25. SEO Topical Map Maker GPT

Julian Goldie's SEO Topical Map Maker creates neutral, focused SEO topical maps.

  • Creates Topical Maps
  • Focuses on SEO Relevance
  • Creator: Julian Goldie

26. FREE Keyword Clustering Tool GPT

FREE Keyword Clustering Tool by Julian Goldie helps in grouping SEO keywords to avoid duplication and cannibalization.

  • Groups SEO Keywords
  • Avoids Keyword Cannibalization
  • Creator: Julian Goldie

27. Jarvis the SEO Expert GPT

Zeo's Jarvis the SEO Expert offers expertise in SEO analysis and strategy, including technical SEO and content optimization.

  • Technical SEO Expertise
  • Content Optimization Tips
  • Creator: Zeo
500+ Popular GPTs for SEO in 2024

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